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ezcaray festival

We are looking forward to festivals and at Ezcaray we know it and we want you to come and enjoy it.


It seems that we are finally leaving behind restrictions and limitation of activities. The Ezcaray Valley has always been characterized by organizing festivals of all kinds, both gastronomic fairs and music festivals.

Ezcaray in particular concentrates two major festivals aimed at different audiences. Let’s say that the best known and the one that was first established was the annual Jazz festival. This one was canceled the last editions due to obvious issues of crowds and COVID.

Finally, the festival returns to Ezcaray and will repeat this summer the most outstanding places where performances used to be held. We are referring to Casa Masip, Parque Tenorio or the Plaza de la Verdura. It is a jazz festival that is not only liked for jazz, but for the environment and gastronomy, a perfect package to enjoy the music that you like the most.

If you’re into rock or independent music, this year you also have the opportunity to attend Ezcafest. Starting on July 29 you will have three days of concerts, incredible people with the assistance of different Food trucks to offer you a snack in the rest areas of the festival.

If you want more information about this festival click here

If you are wondering why these festivals are so successful in this area, we will tell you to look at the surroundings, in our valley, at the temperature we have in summer. These ingredients plus the gastronomy that accompanies this area make the festival a unique experience.

If you want to be aware of the groups that come to play both at the jazz festival and at the independent and rock music festival, visit the festivals website and you will have more details about the schedules and the groups.

Remember that at Casa Masip, in addition to hosting some performances of the Jazz Festival in our restaurant, we offer you the possibility of sleeping in our Hotel or our rural house. These are very special days for Ezcaray, we are very proud to do our bit for the festival.

We will be ready to take care of you throughout the weekend, whether in our hotel, rural house or restaurant. So you can rest and gather strength to enjoy these festival days.

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